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Obsessed with the remix of this song. OB.SESSED.

This song is my lifeblood today…

"People told me slow my roll, I’m screaming out fuck that… fuck that…"

Cohen sent this to me because she knows that sometimes all the time, I like to cheat on Juxta with UVA’s Hullabahoos (or at least former members who are now part of Hyannis Sound).

Watch Brendon kill this cover of Colder Weather. Oh and props to percussion guy too. Nailed it. 

Sidenote: Cohen, why am I not surprised B is in a Cape Cod acapella group?

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Life In Cartoon Motion

Ring Ring - Mika

This weekend’s anthem, duh.

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The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Blame It On The Girls - Mika

Mika’s CD The Boy Who Knew Too Much was on heavy rotation during my run today. It’s so energetic and fun.

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Lana Del Rey,
Video Games 7"

Video Games - Lana Del Rey


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Melpo Mene,

Hello Benjamin - Melpo Mene

So obsessed with this song right now.

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Bon Iver Skinny Love Cover - Birdy

Glad You Came - The Wanted

I hate myself for loving this song, but I can’t help it. Armed with enough liquid courage for an Army, I would tear it up to this jam in the clurb. 

I can’t believe I am in love with the UK version of the Jonas Brothers/every embarrassing boy band ever.

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Amos Lee,
Mission Bell

Violin - Amos Lee

UGGGGGGGHHHHHH… this song is SO good you guys.