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How did I not know about this website? I had no idea Bethenny Frankel had a website where she shared her skinny girl recipes!

I can’t wait to make some of these for dinner this week! So excited!

What are some of your favorite websites that offer low-fat recipes?

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  3. rachelalmond answered: A large portion of what I make either comes from that site or is inspired by something on it.
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    I’m totally in the mood to bake something delicious and NOT nutritious when I get home from work… but maybe following...
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    Oh, i am all over this! Thanks, girls!
  7. chiconthecheap answered: I love Hungry Girl’s recipes, you can get some on her website
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  9. cocktailsandkettlebells answered: I love!
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    This is a mindblower. Consider it bookmarked.
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