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I absolutely NEED these wedges from Target and I can’t find them anywhere. Any leads?

Also, for the ladies who already have these (aka Melissa), do they fit true to size? I’m debating between an 8-8.5

  1. boredblogging said: There is a STRONG chance we have them at the Target here. (We seem to always have the items that sell out elsewhere.) I’m going to check this weekend because my sister-in-law had them at the beach and I wanted them…
  2. talklikealady said: They fit true to size. I wear an 8.5-9. I got the 8.5 and wore them waking around NYC all weekend sans pain or blisters.
  3. whiskeybentandhellbound said: Order online?
  4. chiconthecheap said: I ordered them online but they haven’t arrived yet - when they do, I will let you know how the fit is :)
  5. littlelaur said: i’m normally a 7.5 & sized down to a 7.
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