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As promised, here is the recipe for a delicious (seriously delicious) summer cocktail that is so easy (found by Meg via Pinterest of course). I made this for a little gathering at Steph’s on Saturday and I think it was a hit with everyone there.


  • 2 bottles of Moscato
  • 1 pink…
  1. theeweddingjournal said: Sounds good!!
  2. thislittlecageofmine said: ahhh! so fun. that’s where i live so this is going to be a must for all future get-togethers.
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  4. meredithbklyn said: ha i agree with L, need to have a batch in fridge always
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    Pool party this weekend.
  6. littlelaur said: shit was amazing. do you think it’s a bad idea to just make a batch of it to always have in my fridge?
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    Will be making this asap!
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