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Because I’m such a cool person, I’m watching The Next Iron Chef on the Foodnetwork and apparently it’s Iron Chef on steroids. Anyway, a good 2 minutes into the episode I realized I had a new chef crush (Curtis Stone knocked up some rando crushing my dreams for life). 

Anyway, my new chef crush is Chuck Hughes who is all kinds of delicious. His culinary style is french (swoon - who doesn’t LOVE french food?) and he can pull off a pretty bangin comb over.

Marry me and cook for me every day. Thanks.

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    Ugh, me perdi “The Next IronCheff” y el hombre de mi vida sale en eso. Me quiero tirar por un barranco.
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  4. myluckyscrunchie said: Turn to the cooking channel! One of these Votagglio brothers is HOT!
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