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Autumn perfection.

(via cattinthecity)

I’m literally obsessed with the Madewell Mira heel. Have these in nude and they are so comfortable and that diagonal cut is awesome.

Must get these in blue and black. 


"What’s the most important thing your dad has ever taught you?"
"If someone hurts your feelings, don’t worry, because that person will also have a turn to get their feelings hurt. And also, you should never undermine people or make them feel unimportant. And also, if you drop out of school, he won’t deal with you anymore."

(Kampala, Uganda

Legitimate advice. 

5. I get to see the twins this weekend and they are getting ALL the hugs. I love their little faces.

4. Three day weekend!!!!! (Insert LAWD gif)

3. We are starting the Biggest Loser challenge at work next week and my team captain is so hype about it. His energy is fabulous to feed off of! 

2. Going down to the bay this weekend which means crabs & fried green tomatoes! Yasssssssssssssssss!

1. It’s College football season. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!





My favorite way to watch Fox News is on mute using my imagination

Oh my god I can’t breathe


This is a work of art.

This happened!

Do we not all hit this note in the car?
Co-worker as we are all listening to Whitney’s “I Have Nothing”



billy eichner is such a treasure.

If you need me I’m lying on the floor of Vita coffee shop because I laughed myself to death while watching this.

Best part of the Emmy’s hands downnnnn.