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Off the clock… on the dock

This outfit though


Can we talk about Sean from Project Runway?

Sean kills it every challenge. 

Melissa looks amazing this season, FTR. 

Obsessed with these crisp cotton PJ sets from Target. Refreshing every second for my size to pop up. 


ZARA’s cable knit cowl neck sweater is one of the best—and most reasonably priced—that I’ve seen yet. It’s just $59.90 and is the perfect oversized shape. I love both colors. 

I’ve wanted the Emerson Fry one forever but it’s like a zillion dollars. This is such a great alternative.



Disabilites by Bravo

Oh girl, me too.



This Todrick Hall parody of “Cell Block Tango” featuring, amongst others, “Rihanna” and “Nicki Minaj” and “Beyonce,” is fabulous, but like… IS THAT ACTUALLY MARIAH CAREY????????????

(via popculturebrain)

"The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight. They’re our students and our teachers and our parents and our friends. The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels, but every time we think we have measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we’re reminded that that capacity may well be limitless. This is a time for American heroes. We will do what is hard. We will achieve what is great. This is a time for American heroes and we reach for the stars. God bless their memory, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America." - Jed Bartlet

The Best! 

Son buys his mom her dream car!