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My CEO just made me cry. He’s such a great dude. 

Ugh… all the feels right now. 

The Man.

The Legend. 


Today is my last day here at work. It’s so bittersweet for me. I’ve learned so much and have been here since the very beginning. It’s been one of the biggest accomplishments of my career being able to see and foster budding talent in the Healthcare industry. There were a lot of sleepless nights, but oh man were they worth it for the BIG wins that resulted. 

I’m so proud of the team. I’m so proud of everyone who poured their heart and soul into this. I’m honored to have called them co-workers. 

I spent my last day writing salary revision letters. How’s that for leaving on a good note? Being able to give your co-workers raises and pats on the back for a job REALLY well done. 

In the past few weeks nearly everyone I’ve hired for these projects has come up to me and said the nicest things. It’s moved me to tears at times. The hardest was talking to my CEO. What a down to earth guy. What a capable leader! They’re lucky to have him. 

It’s hard leaving the people - the heart and soul of an organization, but I’m looking forward to where this new opportunity leads me next.

First stop, Cornell University to enroll in a program I’m super excited about and a new work environment, new challenges, a new team, and a good nervousness and anticipation about the future. I’m reinvigorated and can’t wait to hit the ground running tomorrow. I hope that I’m able to contribute as much as I have to my new company as I have here. 

Here’s to a new adventure, and lots of love for the people and lessons that have gotten me here. 

What an opportunity. 

SCREAMING. Amazing in Oscar. 

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So, I think we can all agree that Amal Alamuddin is our style icon from now on.

[FYI, the white floral dress is Giambattista Valli Spring 2015]

Seriously. I don’t even see George in these photos. She’s a bombshell.

She is an international human rights attorney, she’s drop dead gorgeous, AND she has impeccable taste in clothes.

Talk about marrying up, George.

She’s the bomb.

  • Matt & I saw Aziz Ansari perform this Saturday. We’ve really been looking forward to this because we’ve missed Aziz the past couple times he’s come through DC. The show, as expected, was hilarious. It was all new material and it was great. Totally recommend catching him if you can before the tour is over.
  • I went to the DMV for Phase 2 of my name change and it was surprisingly efficient and pretty quick. There was a line out the door when I got there, but as soon as I got in, I was served pretty quickly. I was in and out in 30 minutes, with a new name, updated address, and a new picture. Fingers crossed the pic came out well. All there’s left to do is changing my name on my passport which I can mail in and changing names on credit cards etc. All the big stuff is essentially out of the way. The website MissnowMrs was helpful in helping me get organized and giving me all the forms I needed to fill out ahead of time which has made this process so much faster/easier. Highly recommended. 
  • Sunday was for feeling like I got hit by a bus at the gym in the morning because we got home so late the night before. I’m glad I went though. It energized me for the day. When I got home, we did some face time with our niece and nephew who are so funny. They were so confused and didn’t know why they were showing up on screen or how we could be IN the phone. It was adorable. My niece also brought her potty to show us she got one. In the background, I was telling Matt’s sister, she should be glad there was nothing in it! :)
  • This is my last week at work and I’ll also be starting at my new place this week as well so I have lots of feelings about that. There’s the sadness of closing a chapter, but the anticipation of the unknown. 
  • Matt’s turning 30 this month! We are going to celebrate with his parents and see the twins this weekend. It’s pumpkin patch time. I got a cannoli cake from whole foods to celebrate. Can’t wait. 
Hotness, Civil Ceremony edition.
Homegirl is killing it. 
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Hotness, Civil Ceremony edition.

Homegirl is killing it. 

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I love her dress!
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I love her dress!

(Photo cred)

Pure perfection