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It’s raining ever so slightly which means that the entirety of this region will go apeshit and not be able to handle the commute home tonight.

I just looked outside and there are cars backed up for miles. 

Might as well stay late in the office. At least it’s full of snacks here. 

You guys… it’s a modified “Independence Day” Wedding Speech.


I don’t have time to go through 1000+ slides but if someone could just give me a cliff notes version of this, that would be great. I don’t know if I should take this seriously or just laugh. 

Either way, homie is laughing his way to the BANK.

Has anyone ever used Air BnB before? 

One of our friends just got back from a month long Euro trip and swore by it and I’m thinking in theory it would be just what we need for our Euro trip next year.

Have any of you used it? If so, what was your experience like? 


Emerson Fry

Ahhhh! This jacket is SO good. 


Emerson Fry

Ohhhhh if this sweater is coming back for Fall, I’m all over it. 


My inbox went from 584 emails to 24. 

Feels so good! 

You go, David Wilson! Whatever you do, we’ll be cheering for you. I’d love to see him representing the states in Rio! 

Madewell has new colors for their awesome Mira heel for the Fall. I’m loving the grey, but feel like I have to scramble to get the cobalt before they go away for good. 

No lie, these are the most comfortable heels ever.